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Book Your JOYRIDE in One of Our Brand New, 2021 Polaris Slingshot SLs with AutoDrive.  If You Can Drive a Car, You Can Operate Our Slingshots! No Motorcycle License Needed!

We Currently Offer Full Day (8 Hours) Rentals Only
- Full Day Rental - $299 -
* Fees May Apply

*When you choose a Slingshot below, you will be directed to our rental listing on is our chosen 3rd party vendor for renters insurance, booking and payment.  Please create an account and submit the requested renter/driver information for approval.  Once approved, simply choose the date for your JOYRIDE! If "Slingshot 1" is unavailable, please return to this page, and choose "Slingshot 2".


Slingshot 1 - Red Pearl

Automatic Transmission









Slingshot 2 - Midnight Blue

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The Experience


Whether you decide to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway, cruise the Biltmore Estate property or simply take in some culture in Downtown Asheville, Joyride Slingshot Rentals promises to deliver A Ride to Remember! 


Not quite a motorcycle and not quite a car, the Slingshot provides an exhilarating, open air driving experience.  Combine that with the beauty of Asheville, NC and its surrounding areas, and you have a recipe for true memories to last a lifetime!

Hop in one of our new 2021 Polaris Slingshot SLs, and experience the Smokies in a way few others have!

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FAQs & Rental Information

Both are brand new 2021 Slingshot SLs.  



How old do I have to be to drive? – Driver's must be at least 25 years old with a valid drivers license. 

How old do passenger riders need to be? – Passengers should be at least 9 years old.  No car seats or boosters should be used in the Slingshot.  

Do I need a motorcycle license? - No, a motorcycle license is not needed to operate a Slingshot.


Do I need to know how to operate a manual transmission? - No.  Our Slingshots feature the new Autodrive transmission allowing any licensed driver to operate the machine. 

Do I have to wear a helmet? – North Carolina state law requires both DRIVER and RIDER wear a helmet when operating a Slingshot.  Helmets will be provided however, you may feel free to bring your own for a more comfortable fit. Eye protection is not provided and should be worn at all times.  Please be sure to bring your own eye protection (sunglasses, goggles, etc...).

Where should I ride? – Renting only 2 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, 2 miles from Downtown Asheville and 1 mile from Biltmore Village, just let us know what you're in to, and we will point you in the right direction.  A map depicting the most scenic and popular routes will be provided so you get the most out of your Joyride.

Where can we leave our car while we drive the Slingshot? – You are welcome to leave your car parked in our lot while you are out on your Joyride!  That said, we accept no liability for your property when unattended.

Can I rent for someone else? – No. All driver(s) must be listed as drivers on the reservation with TURO. The reservation creator is considered the primary driver and MUST be present at pickup and return. You can add drivers (up to 6 currently) to the Turo reservation by following the prompts.

Do you offer roadside assistance? – Roadside assistance through AAA or other another service is strongly recommended. Depending on the options you choose on Turo, they may provide assistance.  If you contact us, we will do our best to help, but a response may not be immediate.

Can I make changes to my reservation? – Yes. The renter may go into the Turo system and make changes.  Any change you make to a confirmed reservation will be limited by availability and must be reconfirmed by Joyride Slingshot Rentals. Please send us a message (in Turo, preferably) about any changes.

Rental Agreement

When you rent one of our Slingshots, You AGREE:​

1.     You are 25 years old or older and have valid driver’s license.

2.     You will not allow anyone under the age of 9 years old ride in the Slingshot.

3.     You are completely responsible for the care of our Slingshot once you leave the Joyride Slingshot Rentals property located at 85 Shiloh Rd Ste 60.

4.     You accept any, and all, liability for damages, physical and medical, caused to third parties’ persons or properties.

5.     You have created an account on, and have purchased the appropriate insurance coverage, and that only those listed as drivers at the time of reservation will operate the vehicle. Only insured drivers will operate the Slingshot.

6.     You will report any faults, damage, or incidents immediately.

7.     You will obey and adhere to all traffic laws.  You are completely responsible for the Slingshot and any driving violations for which you may be stopped and ticketed.  

8.     You will not drive at excessive speeds. (Over 75 miles per hour)

9.     You will wear the helmet provided by Joyride Slingshot Rentals and will wear seatbelts while operating the Slingshot. You will provide your own eye protection.

10.  Under no circumstance will you operate the Slingshot while under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol.  

11.  You will not smoke including, but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, joints, vaporizers.

12.  You will not take calls, text or take video on your phone while operating the Slingshot.

13.  No racing, drifting or burnouts.  You will leave traction control on at all times.  Tire tread will be measured before and after your rental for excessive wear.  You will pay a  $300 fee if tires are found to be worn excessively.

14.  You will not drive off-road or on extremely muddy/rocky roads.  Please stick to paved roads.

15.  You will not remove GoPro device from its mount. You will replace GoPro at current cost if lost or stolen due to mount removal.

16.  You will return the Slingshot with a full tank of gas.  A $50 fee will be assessed if Slingshot is not returned full. 

17.  You will fill the Slingshot with PREMIUM FUEL ONLY.  Please save filling receipts as proof whereby any other grade fuel will ruin the Slingshot.

18.  Your reservation will not be extended due to late arrival. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation for orientation.

19.  You will return the vehicle at the agreed upon time.  A $50/hour fee will be assessed for each hour past the agreed upon time of return. A full day rental will be assessed for any vehicle returned more than 2 hours late.

20.  Should you experience a flat tire or any type of mechanical failure, you will pull over immediately, turn off the machine, and call Joyride Slingshot Rentals immediately.


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